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We build software for skilled workers

We build software to make it easier to manage large scale businesses, and offer our expertise through two fully owned subsidiairies - Salita Tolke- og Translatørtjeneste and

We process over 17,000 orders per month, and had a revenue of $13.5M in 2023.

Our products

Salita Tolke- og Translatørtjeneste AS
Interpretation and Translations Services

We deliver professional language services adapted to your company's needs. Our interpreters and translators are experienced, well-qualified specialists in various fields.

Our services are primarily to/from Norwegian for the Norwegian authorities and businesses in Norway.

Our interpreters provide services for conferences, events, meetings, appointments, emergency services, legal needs, and more. Read about our interpretation service (tolking).

Our translators specialize in minority languages, and provide services for medical, legal, technical, and other documents. Read about our translation service (oversettelse).
Workforce Management Platform

We deliver automated solutions for background checks, onboarding, signatures, payments, payroll and much more.

Our automation services are used to onboard freelancers/candidates via a custom made checklist of activities, including criminal record checks (politiattest), eSignatures, BankID verification, policy checks, eLearning courses, and more.

Our automation services are used to payout freelancers/consultants via our custom made reverse payout mechanism, which enables you to payout hundreds of freelancers within minutes.